As we posted earlier this week we will launch a contest on the 100.000 clicks on our website and we are over 104.000 sp thank you all that is still keeping following us and checking in once a while a big salute to you all the Rock N Roll fans.!

We will be sending off some new picks designs for the new Crashdiet tour 2022 of their upcoming European Tour so new picks will be added to the tour and more to come there for those sleaze and Crashdiet fans and collectors, and we will be having some of them up for grabs/sale on here under the other Crashdiet picks we selling out of.
The contest will also be up on the two Facebook sites we have as well so you can enter there also. The contest will end on Saturday, March 12th, 2022 at 12.00 CET noon.
The question is - When did we sign the sponsor deal with Crashdiet what year?
On the Facebook pages just write your answer in the comments and the one that hits the answer gets to win a set of the new coming Crashdiet Tour picks.
We hope to see many of you enter this and only 2 winners will be drawn.
Now when that is taken care of we are happy to tell you that we have found someone that will help us grow and to in some way invest in SKV Clothing and the brands so we are really happy too and hopefully able to get them or some new merch out very soon it been too long sadly but the world has stood still in this pandemic so nothing we could do there but things are looking better so we hope to get our revenge this 2022 with lots of new stuff to come. We will keep you up to date on our social media platforms and so on keep up the curiosity and spread the word apon us, Thanks.
Stevie K. Vanette 


The Dave Tribute merch we have done has some of them half sold out and some close to sold out just hope in time all will be sold out.
Otherwise, we have been offered to get new half big pick shaped stickers done and we will in time and hope that we can get them sold as well and we will try to get the design set up and then try to share these ideas on the pages for Crash fans.
We have been thinking of trying to put together a new thing for the second time but this will a huge project to do and will take a good amount of time to put together but then we will haveing some or trying to get some very cool happenings to put to this thing which is a Crashdiet Exhibition and we will be one of the sponsors by SKV Clothing. But have to see what will be happening in this apartment of happenings in the future.
We are also in the thinking mood of doing through SKV Clothing a small-sized 12 - 16 pages Crashdiet Tourbook thing done also take some time to set up the look for this.
We are also gonna try to design a few new merch things for MCRUELOYALTY.DK later on that we partner with and now own 50% of the copyrights to that name for the next ten years.
Then as always in the beginning mode to get new stuff designed to get new merch ready to be printed this year so slowly things are getting back into shape and ready to be ready for 2022 of all kinds of events and festival happenings for us now that all the corona situation is begun to be under control.
And we will keep you up to date with what we do either here in the news section of on our Facebook pages SKV and Raw Rebel & Rock Vintage page so checks in on them to see what will be going on there in time we thank you so much for over the 90.100 clicks here on this page we are proud that you like what we do since so many has been visiting our page so far.
Keep Rockin ´N´Rollin
The SKV Clothing Team 


Hello, people hope you all doing alright around the globe .... 
Well we have now started to create this new section called CrashAttractive on here and all Crashdiet picks are now up and online and lots more are to come within this section over time and maybe we will end up being part of some other news within the Crashdiet universe but that we are waiting for some answers on that and as soon as we have our notice we will be posting that on our Facebook site we can only hope we will be getting the right and positive feedback here also.
we will try to keep you all up to date with all the future doings here and on our Facebook pages..


Hello Everyone ....
we wanna wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 and hope you all get a really great year in the long run we all deserve it for sure.
We have now offered some new ideas to a few band members and ex-members of Crashdiet so we hope that that will come our way in 2021 and can present you some new merch stuff there and alongside lots of new within our own brands later in 2021.
 But time will tell on when we are able to get stuff rollin´ on and get it out to you rock fans and we have also been thinking of trying to see if we can get some more and new Rock stars to pose in our merch in ´21 so that would be cool to see and have a few names in mind but keep you posted on who and if that will see the day but could be so cool if these rockers would do so.
Otherwise, we are as usual always brainstorming for new ideas and designs for merch so we hope to be able to present some badass designs to you all and hope to come out to some events in 2021 now that all was canceled this year.
Till next time stay safe and keep checking in on here.
Stevie K. Vanette 
SKV Clothing - Raw Rebel - Rock Vintage & SKV Custom Picks Crew


Hi there again some news to be added here on our website and a huge shout-out to all those close to 79.000 people that are in on our site I am so thankful to yu all!!!
The latest we are in process of working on it an even bigger sponsor deal with the Swedish rockers Crashdiet from Stockholm where we have offered them a big % of merch profit if we can get to do off. Crashdiet merch and a good bunch of collectors and fans around the globe has asked if we will be doing other stuff besides the custom picks deal with them and I´ve always said yes but if we get this a total new merch line and items will be released from us here at SKV Clothing.
And it seems that the custom promo Dregen ( Backyard Babies ) RIFF BEER picks we did for him is selling ok by buying the off merch through us that we do e hope to get our profit from that sale later this year and we will be setting up a new section here on our website that will go by name CrashAttractive by SKV  that will be all the picks that we have left from the once we have done for Crashdiet and why Crashdiet well as the owner of this brand that is going ok if ya rip out 2020 everything has been on a stand by for all business in the rock n roll category I´ll guess. But we know that Crashdiet has a huge following to the band and we want to bring some new merch ideas and items to the big catalog they already have done over the 20 years they´ve been around.
And with this deal, we have offered the band a % of each sale so they will get some money from our sale so you will then also support the band but we will do our items and the band theirs. We have already designed 8 cool designs and some of these items we will produce will be all limited to under 40 items of each and some will be for pre-orders only!.
We have sent this contract to Peter London himself and just hope for a so call Christmas miracle on it. And when we get a response to it will be let you all know what will be happening on this deal and we have a great feeling about this.
WE have also been featured in a German friend of ours miss Katja who has been producing her own Facebook memos pictures into a book and we were mentioned in it due to she bought some SISTER picks from us back in the days SO THANK YOU!.
A few news there, keep you posted on and when new stuff happens within our rock n roll life here in Denmark.
Remember to stay safe and be good.
SKV Clothing - Raw Rebel & Rock Vintage Crew.
Stevie K. Vanette
Hello, people, some news for you here of what s going on in our world in the SKV camp and we´ve once again have been offered to do new laminate pass for the Crashdiet 2021 in Mexico for April tour.
And as always we are working on new designs for future merch and again hope some new stuff will be up in the store for purges end of this year and then we will also have a new section on the site for the few future merch items from the SKV Custom Picks brand we ganna do and then we will launch a section only for that brand just as we have for Raw Rebel and Rock Vintage and we will also put up the logo for the SKV Custom Picks so all our logos for brands is on the front page when you click in and thanks to the rock fans for the 72.000 and plus for keep turning in here and check us out and some stuff has been sold this weekend and some sold out for good.
We will keep your future posted on what to come and will happen, we hope that we can come out to some events in 2021 once again just like everyone else in this world. 
We await some news on some sales that we really hope has gone well but we cross our fingers for good news on that.
The SKV Clothing Team & Sinners.


Hi everyone.....

Have been a while since we awesome updates here in the news section so with all that has been happening here within the world it’s been on a setback on merch and we are in process of getting stuff ready for going to the printing so we are trying to get some out this summer for all you rockers worldwide and we have been in the thinking box and we or the CEO will be coming with some new ideas for other merch ideas with some of the bands - artists that we are the sponsor for and we will be in contact with these guys and let them know what we can come up with on new merch items for them so they can make a little extra cash for them through us and that we are willing to do that for getting more small cool stuff out to the band and to the fans.


SKV will also be doing a promo sponsor poster on Crashdiet that we sponsor through SKV Clothing & SKV Custom Picks and that is only for the CEO but maybe we will do it as a limited time offer to the fans as well and set it up here and we will also be doing some new sections like the MCRUELOYALTY we have that will also come as a new section on the new band items that we hope will be getting up this year but we have to get in touch with the band’s first to see if they will be interested in this.

We are also in the process of doing a design layout for a Swedish drummer in Uppsala on a new front skin for him he asked us to do one for him and we hope to get up with a killer designs for him he wanted some mix of old 80´s style Rock N Roll meets Motorhead so we hope to manage that for him.   


And we will also come up with an Anniversary Shirt for a die-hard Crashdiet collector for his 100th Crashdiet Show in the future and we also for that band have some new merch ideas small items but still some new ideas. And the same ideas we have for a few other bands we work with.

And we are hoping for more and an even bigger 2021 after this pandemic has ruled the world this year so 2020 is not to write home about at all. But we are just like most bands we need all of your support and we have also gotten a new PayPal which is:  skv-clothing@outlook.com 

That will be changed on the website under the”How to order " section.

We will be letting you all know on more news otherwise check and go like our Facebook pages which are: SKV Clothing-DK and also Rock Vintage & Raw Rebel just seek these pages and there will also be news added to those pages from time to time and please go like the pages and share them.


We will keep you posted as things happen within our Rock N Roll camp.

Stay Tuned....


Regards The SKV Team & Sinners.



We have and was set to release a few new items this year and was excited to have these coming our way, but we have been as you say it fucked over by someone so there had to be put a stopper for this deal we was so excited to have in place so there for NOTHING will be coming this year anyway but we will be getting back on the horse and get productive again and get some new merch out within the first months of 2020.

We are so sorry to inform you this but these hard times here with this makes us harder to not get in on easy deals in the future from someone as life rules said - Be careful whom you let into your life even tho they seem to be good people...


We have also begun to look into some events to ask to be part of in 2020 and we hope that we can get back to you and we really hope to be ready for April with some new merch for some events we know that comes up in the month of May in Sweden, Malmoe.

We already have some things set up in 2020 but the final details aint on target yet but we will be keeping you all posted either here or and our Facebook pages 

The guys behind these brands are for sure set on making 2020 their best year so far ...and we just got informed that we have been displayed our merch in a Brazilian Guitar store and people are asking into our merch prices and such...... Along we are working on new ideas within our sponsor deals on some smaller merch toys for a few bands and artists so we will see what's to come out with that merch line in 2020 ....and also keep you posted on what the items and toys will be....

But we are set to get the new merchandise released in 2020 as soon as possible in the early state of 2020.



SKV Clothing - SKV Custom Picks - Raw Rebel & Rock Vintage Crew.

17 -07 -2019


We are in process of doing a new merch line with our new brand SKV Custom Picks by SKV Clothing and that first shirt is going to be a promo tour for the new release of Crashdiet´s forthcoming album set to be released on Sep 13th 2019 called " RUST ".

We will be having a SKV Custom Picks logo on front and a Crashdiet design on back that we have been working on and we hope to have it ready for purges on Sep 14th when Crashdiet will be holding the release party at Harry B James in Stockholm, Sweden.

WE can also now let ya all know that you can follow us on Twitter by seeking - SKV CLOTHING - DK and on Instagram seek us at SKV  CLOTHING


We are also getting new designs ready for future merch this year and we will be doing no events this year besides the few in Canada with the Canadian Tribute band to SIXX AM called AM.I.SIXX ….do to that we are close to be total sold out on merch but in 2020 we might already have a handful of events outside of Denmark set up … And we will be doing some cubulation items with AM I SIXX in 2020 such as picks earrings and maybe even a tour shirt so much stuff on the drawing table these days and we will keep ya all posted on what’s to come and more so thx to the 50.000 + followers here on the website we salute you.

Up next is to let the business partners know that we will be doing something new to get more out of our sponsor deals besides just having our names and logo on websites and off cd releases, so we hope that we can get em all on board and try new stuff out and a new way to make more sales for us.!?

You can feel free to contact us and send us by send me a note in messenger through me Stevie K. Vanette on Facebook. We hope to hear from ya where ever you live on this planet. And yes we do ship worldwide.




Stevie K Vanette & The SKV Team.


We are proud to say that we now after long time is also to be found and followed on Twitter by seeking SKV CLOTHING-DK and then there will also come news and other stuff in there so join us and follow us there.
We are now awaiting news on some merch items that we would love to get hands on so if those items are still in a doable way there will be new looks to our merch line over the summer so we are very excited to see if that will come our way .. 
And two more cds and a dvd is updated in the VIP cd section  plus the About SKV section is updated with a new partner witch is Victor Cavalho  of Rocker Guitar Tech in Brazil,.....we are damn happy to say that we are slowly growing month after month in doings and such and more bands hopefully are to be added as partners  and those will as we want in our way of doing there will contract so we hope that we can bring you all over 45.000 +  people around the globe.
We will be keeping you all posted on what's to come either here on Facebook or now Twitter but we are in some ideas that we hope can come true through this year so hang on people.
We hope to bring you more news in here very soon so keep checking in here .....
Stevie K. Vanette - SKV Clothing  



We have now updated the V.I.P. CD thing with the cds that we have gotten a shout out on And we have now also been receiving the off fan book made written by Tommy Lee Foldrup where we have been giving 8 pages in so a huge thanks to MCRUELOYALTY for this. If you interested in getting this Crue book by Tommy you can contact him on facebook just seek Tommy LF there and ask away  We are also now gonna meet up with a new guy that has been seeing us having some great potential for our business future see what will be coming from this soon meeting. And other bands have been contacting us for some partnership stuff so we will see what will happen in there for the future as well.

All in all we are looking forward to get some new merchandise out there very soon and get the webshop fully loaded with tons of new cool items. 


Stevie K Vanette  - SKV Clothing


This Sunday i received a email from the office of the management of Crashdiet and we was told that we will be lunched on their official website as their official sponsor for future guitar picks , we are damn proud to be teamed up with these two great guys from this band from Stockholm, Sweden Crashdiet.


We have back in 2013-14 done their picks for London - Sweet and Simon and now we will be continuing that line and be their pro sponsor from 2018 - ? Its a dream coming true for us at my company SKV Clothing we are moving up the ladder and getting more and more known as time goes by..YES WE ARE PROUD to have these lads on the family bill and their website and such will be added to the sponsor section here on the official SKV Clothing website!.

SO we will be starting to get some picks done for these guys so all is set and ready for them in 2019 when new album is set to be released at some time so we can bring them some lots of picks and many new designs and new colors than we all use to see them with ....

WE ARE DAMN PROUD OF OUR SELF`S..... SO let the new 2018 - 19 SKV - Crashdiet nightmare partnership begin !!!!?




Stevie K. Vanette



We are now proud to let you all know that we have teamed up with a local rock n roll bar in Copenhagen and there we will be haveing lots of new events and presents something new that we haveint done before but we are just gonna jump into it and its also a new SKV Clothing event that we are gonna call ROCK VINTAGE CLUB.


We will be haveint some unplugged only gigs there and we will be haveing all kinds of new ideas to do for the rock fans thats gonne join us there so all in all we have teamed up wit Lily´s Valhala Rock Bar where we will be haveing all these events for hopefally years to come.


And aswell we are now set to sell for the future in Brazil aswell from april 2018 we will be lounceing some picks here and on our fb page so ....

And a handful of small stickers will be comin up for sale at the webstore asap and new merch will be sent for printing in april or start of may for SKV Clothing andf our two side projects Raw Rebel and Rock Vintage.




The SKV Clothing Team


Hallo folks we have some news to you all ....... 

We are proud to announce that we are getting into the Brazilian country and starting up some tryouts with our great friend there Mr Victor Carvalho and his Rocker Guitar Tech store and his friend in his Cd & merch store so we will be shipping out some stuff for Vic to display there asap and hope that it will be going somewhere in the future.

We are proud of all the support we can get round the globe so folks grab your own rock wear right here at www.skv-clothing.dk and support the only serious rock n roll rock wear out of Denmark. 

And new ideas is coming to life so and we will be telling you all the news as it happens and when it happens ....This coming Saturday we are attending the Music Matters - Rock N Roll Charity for Danish Kids Cancer Foundation feat the line up of 4 great rock n roll bands :


And we will be there to presents and sell our off merch brand so hope to see you all there and it all takes place right here :

Salen - Rentemestervej 76 , 2400 Copenhagen , DK  all profit for ticket sales goes to Children Cancer Foundation....so come and support a great cause...C YA THERE


The SKV Clothing Team


We are in process of becoming more and more focused on this web shop / site than we have been lots of things is going on and we have sadly been more into our Facebook page with news then here....we promise that you will be getting more news here than we have been.... And even getting better and a lot of other things within this global world of business.

We can tell you all that we are in process of getting ready for an awesome event that will only benefit the Children Cancer Foundation in Denmark here in Nov. 18th where we will be print an limited edition shirt where an amount pr. shirt sold goes to the Children Cancer Foundation here in Denmark and we are proud to be part of these events when we get the change. And we will also be coming out later on with new items in the start of 2018.
And we have now been doing some changes on here and we have now lowered the prices on all clothing wear in the shop do to that we have to get the old out and begin to focus on new designs to get in stock and we going to be even bigger and better for the year to come.
We are also in process of looking into more different kind of smaller items to get out there....So stay tuned for more news and info on here and on our Facebook page SKV Clothing-DK and if ya have any questions contact us at our Facebook page above.
And huge thx to all the clicks we have been getting here and for god sake start buy ya own rocking SKV Clothing wear cause we are the only serious choose out of Denmark.

The SKV Clothing Team


Latest news from us is that we are in process of getting stuff ready to be shipped and packed for our very first event in fuckin Canada more like Quebec , Canada along with our new partners in crime over there the world’s first tribute band to Mr. Sixx new thing SIXX :A:M .... these guys are under the band name called AM I SIXX and we have talked to the bass player and we have decided to try to bring our off SKV new merch on tour so we hope that it will be doing great over there.

And then up next is the first show in Canada on April 14th and then in May we are attending the two days festival Nordic Noise in Copenhagen May 12th - 13th were we will promote and sell our merch from our merch stand so we hope to see a lot of you guys out there.
Otherwise we are in process of getting some meetings together with other business ppl and we will keep you posted when and if all goes as we hope for we will official the news.
Among other new items we are in process of getting new merch stuff out later this year which is something in the other end of the table but something that we have always wanted to get done and we hope that we will have some out by end of July this year.

well we can honestly say that there are more n more door openings offers come our way but see what happens in time and new orders from ppl has come our way so we are just waiting for those and new ppl from the Roskilde area has come up to us and want to get some kind of a merch thigs done so meetings is in the process on that...!
And new festivals have been written to for possible attending, so we see what happens.

The SKV Clothing Team



First of ill have to say that we have been forced to rebuild our facebook site do to that some freakin asshole has hacked into my personal old fb account and the old SKV Clothing fb site was attached to that email account so we are very sorry for this infomation but to all that has liked us on pleace do go unlike it and relike us on the new that is up and runnin the new fb site is : SKV Clothing-DK and thats why we haveint been posting any news for a while but here comes some news for ya all  --- THX 
Up next we are now begining to seek bands or artists that would be interested in getting a promo signing session at this years Malmø Festival @ Rock Stage and it all SKV Clothing that handles this " event  signing session " just contact us on SKV Clothing-DK in a private message if ya interested.! 
As you also may know we are one of the proud sponsors of the Official MOTLEY CRUE EXHIBITION in sep. and to inform ya all bout that they have now lounched an new fb site and here is the link ..
go like and see all news on there it will be a ride down memory lane for thise who will go visit this exhibition ..!
We are also glad to inform you all that we have been in contact with danish musician Henrik Volf ´s new project BON JOVI JAM whom has been so kind to add our pages on their new website we thankfull for that Here is their link to their fb page give em a like https://www.facebook.com/Bon-Jovi-Jam-448866695189760/
We more or less also maight be joining forces with an new swedish act whom ill know one of the members in person but know more or less them all but nothing has been settled yet we will be posting that news on our fb SKV Clothing-DK when we get the noticed on this .
And we are also to glad to inform you that we are now currently just waiting for our new load of official SKV merchandise to arrive in this month asap as its up on the site we will let ya all know by fb do to that all the news we share wont be up on both sites so check in on both evry now and then we are thankful for all ya support and we need it to grow bigger and better so keep the ælove comin !
We´re in proces in many new doings more info on what will be comin when we´re ready to tell you but new stuff and ideas is been talkin about ..And we have also been put up on the fb page from these guys : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=554407001389281
Witch we are also in work with so even tho we are restarting on new pages and such we will do it better this time round !?
we´ll keep you all posted here or on fb on all new doings as they happen and get official.
Regards / SKV Clothing Team


We have had some bizz meetings with some diffrent people and we are in proces of working something out in new directions that we hope we be able to become something that could grow us into bigger bizzesness but we will be keepin ya posted on what ...
We are also attending the Rock Stage at Malmø Festival from the 12th - 19th of August 2016 as ya may know and we again this year we be seekin and havein bands / artists that is or not playing the stage there for signing sessions gig through out the week ... for now we have 1 added but have begun to ask bands and artists if they interested in this and we have asked one guy that i personally would love to get there but we will be keeping ya posted on here and on our fb page of whom and when they will be attending in the days of the festival.
Also we are in proces of  comin out with new mechandisce and asap as it is in stock we will be adding it to the website with all info and such. And we are in proces of comin with new SKV Rock Collection merch to and we will be haveing a some new stuff out there soon to and we are going to do merch for the Official MOTLEY EXHIBITION to in sweden in Sep. witch we are very proud of doing this to its becomin so joyfull to have all these things to work with for us...
More news will be comin asap so keep checkin in here and on the fb page to man ... and thx to all that is lookin in here we closein in to 1000 ppl .
Regards / SKV Clothing Team


- We will ad to the site a new section called VIPs that will incl. the cds - videos and pictures of bands rockstars that has done some promo for us over time and we hope to get some cool pictures incl in this and hope to show ya all in this new section within a week ...
- Well apart from the stuff we are trying to put together we are hopefully able to present some more news here by end of next week it has been a little idea that i myself would love to see come true do to that ill love this.
But have to awaite an respons to see if my idea comes true.
- And a huge thx for all support and doings goes out to my dear friend and design manager whom works her ass of for me to get stff ready when ever ill be needing it ... !
Ill really hope that she will stay with me and do this till we reach the goals way out there so thank you.....!
- Up next for us is to get new merchandise ready and here in stock for the events we have in august and september in sweden and just get a lot of sruff stacked up for the  webshop.
- Plus to go out to promote the MCRUELOYALTY event in sweden we have a small part of so people can get the full ride of a serious collection and get blown away when they attend this joyride of cool rare items of all kinds.
-Regards -/ SKV Clothing Team.


- We just got told that we are gonna appear on two new upcomin cds from the uk rockers Tigertailz and norwegean sleaze punks Niterain forthcomin albums..... 

- We will be adding some orderforms in the " How to order  " seccsion along with other infos  asap on orderforms for custom picks , pass , frontskins, and for bands own merchandice and ect ect.
-  We are also gonna taight the the botton on when we are going into bizz with bands and such we will have more promo from these kinds of deals. We give and put money into your band and we will demand more promo that some do and have done so....!
- New are also lookin into doing some tribute shirts on diffrent artists as a clothing line called A SKV Rock Collection and a few is set to be done and some we have to get an a proval first but we will keep you posted as time goes by.... the reason we will do ths in time is that we have been asked by fans that love surgen artists /bands or fans that look upto surgen people in bands or artists.
Regards / SKV Clothing Team.


- We are fineally here back again with even more bizz items to be able to get done and to deliver to you out there and our layout manager and my self is ready to bring more rock items to life as time goes on.

- Our great friends from Germany Human Zoo is set to release a new album in april called " My Own God " and in their own words the best to date.
- And new album from our other good friends from Wales  in the uk Tigertailz is also bringin us some new rock n roll with the album 
"Blast " and ya can pre-order it on their website www.tigertailz.co.uk 
- We are also gonna be part of the up comin Rock Stage Malmø at this years Malmø Festival in august from the 12th - 19th.
- We are also gonna be apart of the worlds first Motley Crue Exihibition that will take place wy up north in sweden on september 17th - 19th of november and we are apart of the official exhibition merch that will be sold there.
The event will take place at the Ornskoldsvik Museum.
- Last but not least for now is that we are now begining to get our new designs and merch set to be start to get printet so lots of new stuff is in the works for us.
Regards / SKV Clothing Team.