- We´re SKV Clothing and we have been asked of many if we can print shirts, caps, and so on for people, bands and artists and we have sadly not been able to until now .....

- We can get these types of items with prints on:    

- T-shirts - Girlie shirts - Tank tops - long sleeves - hot pants - baseball cap…


- This is what we can do for now more to come.

- If SKV shall do a design for ya, we take a fee of 30 USD for this.

- If you have your own design and SKV shall do a set up and we take a fee of 15 USD for this.

- All orders that you place has to be added into a order form for our partner to do the orders and SKV will take a fee of 8 USD for this.

- Do to these fee is that our delivery partner has to get designs in surgeon sizes  and surgeon order forms.

- When you place an order you have to do this 1 month before your deadline to get these merch items. 

- When we have the total price of ya order money has to be payed upfront before the order will be started by our partner.

- And the price is depending on what item and how many colors ya need in your print we can deliver from 1 and up to 5 color print.

- And then the shipping and tax fee from our partner to s will be incl. the total price of your order(s).

 - We´re hope to be able to help many of you bands - artists - and more out there on your forthcoming merchandise.



Stevie Kelly Vanette / SKV Clothing.

" Rock N Roll Clothing Of Scandinavia "

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