Custom Section - Clothing

  • We´re SKV Clothing and we can now also deliver Off Merchandise for your band, we can do the ordinary merch.
  • We can also do custom bandpass for your band and your merc crew.
  • If SKV shall do the entire design set up for you we will be taking a fee of 30 Usd for this.
  • If you have the full design and SKV only has to set it up in the formula we take a fee of 20  Usd for this.
  • ( Remember the design has to be set up on the same background as the shirt you want to have it on color wise)
  • Do to these fees is that our delivery partner has to have it in a surgeon sizes and formula
  • When you want to place an order through us we have to have the order with all info at least 1 month before ya have to have your merch in hand and payment is upfront before printing is starting.
  • The prices is depending on how many colors that you have in your design.
  • We hope that we can help you bands out with these things and feel free to send us a note, and when you get the total cost from us it's including the shipping from our printing partner.



Stevie Kelly Vanette / SKV Clothing.

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