" CrashAttractive / SKV Clothing will launch a brand new official merch line on Crashdiet´s original singer Dave Lepard A Tribute Merchline.
All will be Limited Edition and NO re-prints.
The merch line will be stuff that has never been released as merch from the band ever. 
From here we will be selling our custom picks we do for Crashdiet. All will be photographed and set up in a category on Album and who they from with prices on each item.
When we begin we will come with more details on it all. 
This merch line will incl. some jewelry - t-shirts - picks -  laminated pass -  pick packs - promo poster and other ideas just to name a few."
So we will keep you posted when we have items in stock so look forward to getting some cool toy items for your Crashdiet / Dave Lepard Collection.